Our Focus —

Transforming lives through innovation in health and care

We work with partners across the health and care system to identify and spread innovation, build capability and support evaluation and learning.


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Regional Programme —

health equity

Innovation to improve health equity for children under 1 years old in the South West.


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National Programme —

online training

Access free of charge, RESTORE2mini training resource for all carers to help provide better care across health and care environments.


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Our purpose is to transform lives through health and care innovation.

We are one of 15 AHSNs set up by NHS England across the country in 2013.

We concentrate our efforts in the South West region, bringing together partners from the NHS, academia, local authorities, industry and community sectors to identify and spread innovation that improves population health and generates economic growth.

What we do

Identifying and spreading innovative practice illustrated by a patient being checked by a doctor with a modern technological instrument

Identifying and spreading innovative practice

Our practical experience and techniques that support health and care systems to identify, adopt and spread innovative practice to improve health and care services.

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Building capability illustrated with a lady talking to a man in a wheelchair working at a computer whilst a lady fixes a cog in the background

Building capability

Using our knowledge and experience of the conditions required to innovate and improve to build the capability of partners to spread innovative practice and improve quality.

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Evaluation & learning illustrated by two people chatting Infront of a whiteboard displaying graphs

Evaluation and application of learning

Using our experience evaluating improvements and testing innovation to support partners to evaluate the impact of changes and capture learning.

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The South West AHSN —

Our approach is grounded in the context of the place we work.

  • A place with one of the lowest population densities in the country
  • With people living across a mix of coastal communities, isolated rural areas and urban centres – who experience health and health & care services in very different ways
  • Creating considerable challenges in delivering health & care services and improving population health
  • And generating significant variation in equity of health – in equity of access to services, equity of health outcomes and equity of opportunity to live a healthy life.
Community nurse talking to her patient in her kitchen as they drink tea

The South West AHSN provided the Devon system invaluable support around the planning and mobilisation of COVID Oximetry @home and COVID virtual wards.”



Success for Innovators at the Health Innovation Programme 2022

Success for Innovators at the Health Innovation Programme 2022

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NHS Innovation Accelerator – call for applicants for 2023 cohort!

NHS Innovation Accelerator – call for applicants for 2023 cohort!

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PERIPrem wins Best Project at national awards

PERIPrem wins Best Project at national awards

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