Annual Review
Bridging the gap in perinatal health for dads and birthing partners
— Case study

Bridging the gap in perinatal health for dads and birthing partners

Historically, there has been a gap in the provision of up to date, evidence-based information for dads-to-be and partners of birthing mothers. DadPad is a guide developed with the NHS for new dads and dads-to-be, providing them with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to enable their babies to get the best possible start in life.

DadPad was selected for evaluation support by our Heath Equity Innovation Challenge 2021, focused on innovations improving perinatal health equity.  

In Phase 1 we developed and embedded robust evaluation tools and processes. A need was identified to develop tailored support for DadPad users from diverse backgrounds and cultures who are more likely to experience health inequality.  

Phase 2 included: 

  • Cultivating culturally specific community groups to enable diversity of voices and experiences to be heard and understood.     
  • Roll out of a ‘social listening’ app functionality to capture real-time conversations.   
  • Accumulating intelligence from these conversations to inform new approaches.   
  • Development of a sustainable model in which app data insights better equip health services to be responsive to service user’s diverse needs.  
a father kissing his new baby's hand as he holds him, sitting in bed
  • DadPad has gained re-commissions in Cornwall, Gloucester, Dorset, Somerset, and have numerous further commissions in progress across the UK.   
  • A diverse range of groups have their voices heard and information is more accessible.  
  • Real-time analytics and data are more easily shareable and engaging for commissioners.  
  • Valuable insights from men are shaping DadPad to model good communication skills, emotional literacy and addressing culturally specific barriers    
“As a company, we have found working with the AHSN, both as a grant giving organisation and one whose services we have purchased, very collaborative and supportive in nature. Specifically, what has been interesting and affirming is that we feel we have succeeded in moving the project forward successfully by sharing skills and knowledge openly which has provided the right conditions for us to continue to innovate together”.

Julian Bose, Founder, DadPad

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