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ABHI and AHSNs formalise closer working arrangements The Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) and the national network of Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), have announced work on a formal programme of activity between the two organisations.


The work will lead to enhanced engagement between the AHSNs and ABHI’s 250 members. Early projects will include patient safety and plans to support the future sustainability of the networks. Joint events are taking place nationally and regionally.

ABHI Chief Executive, Peter Ellingworth, said: “The ABHI has supported the AHSNs from their inception and development, and we recognise them as the most promising of the many innovation pull initiatives that have been launched into the NHS in recent years. We hope this work will improve and increase the interactions our members have with the networks across the country and lead to strategic partnerships, based on mutual trust and respect.”

Adrian Bull, Chair of the AHSN Network, said: “The scale and diversity of medtech means that it is not always easy to realise the huge benefits the sector can bring to the health and wealth of our populations. Strong representative bodies like the ABHI can create opportunities for AHSNs and our stakeholders from academia and the NHS. We are working jointly with the ABHI on a number of events and projects and are adding to these all the time.”

A key element of any joint working is mutual trust and a shared vision of working practices. This is why the first deliverable of the joint working initiative is a partnership around the ABHI Code of Business Practice.

The AHSN Network is pleased to endorse the ABHI code of conduct and recommend its adoption by the Medtech Industry.

Adrian Bull said: “The ABHI Code of Business Practice is an exemplary model. It is comprehensive and robust. Public expectations of ethical behaviour and transparency are increasing and adhering to this code will place industry on a solid platform to interact with the NHS.

Peter Ellingworth: “ABHI is extremely pleased that the AHSN Network has chosen to endorse this code. We believe that the Medtech industry needs to work to a common and high standard of ethical behaviour. Central to that is a single code of conduct that can guide behaviour when dealing with healthcare organisations and individual healthcare professionals.”

A code of practice is a formal document to reflect the philosophy and standards that govern business decisions. It goes beyond that required by law and demands adherence to higher standards. When working in a sensitive business environment such as healthcare such a code becomes even more important, it is visible evidence of alignment between the requirements of the public and health system and the behaviour of Industry.

Clive Powell, Senior Manager Compliance, at ABHI said: “We are unique within the medical technology sector in enabling non-members to sign up to the code of practice. We do this to encourage wider use of the code and create a mechanism to formally recognise those that choose to do so. For many companies this is a new area and ABHI is keen to provide a structure for them to work towards the highest standards of behaviour both as organisations and by their staff.”


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