Digital prehabilitation

Surgery Hero is an award winning digital prehabilitation clinic, designed to support elective surgery patients pre- and post-surgery. We have proven NHS patient outcomes including reduced post op complication rates and reduced length of stay.

Ready for deployment
Innovation Overview Digital prehabilitation clinic coupled with 1:1 human health coaching.
Supports elective surgery patients perioperatively to improve their surgery outcomes.
Addresses problems of elective surgery backlogs, patients deteriorating whilst they wait for surgery, clinicians' lack of time, patients being unable to travel for personalised care, lack of personalised care perioperatively.

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Surgery Hero is a mobile app-based multi behavioural intervention tailored for patients approaching elective surgery.

The model combines 1:1 human health coaching with personalised, digitally facilitated guidance on preoperative lifestyle modification in the form of structured audio-visual material.

Surgery Hero is designed to integrate into existing care pathways with the benefit of unburdening hospital clinicians, allowing redistribution of scarce time and resources to patients with complex needs.

The problem

The average person in the UK will undergo four to six surgical procedures during their lifetime.

The majority of those undergoing elective surgery are physically and mentally underprepared prior to their operation. Approximately 1 in 4 people smoke at the time of their surgery. 75% of people aged 45-74 are overweight or obese. The prevalence of hazardous alcohol consumption has been reported to range from 7% to 49% prior to elective surgery and between 60%–92% of people experience significant preoperative anxiety. These modifiable risk factors significantly impact the rates of morbidity and mortality in the surgical patient.

The challenge for healthcare providers is further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption caused to elective surgical care. There are presently 7.21 million people waiting for treatment, a number expected to grow in the coming months. The capacity of perioperative services is finite. Increasing this to address the backlog is a substantial challenge and expected to be a rate-limiting step. This situation has effectively created a generation of patients waiting longer for treatment, with reduced pre-operative support driving reduced ‘preparedness’ for surgery.


Surgery Hero has supported 1000+ patients across multiple ICS /Trust sites across the UK.

Our perioperative programme has been made available to patients undergoing intermediate and major grade surgery. Our surgery agnostic solution has supported people in following specialties; Orthopaedics, general, vascular, gynaecology and others.

NHS South Tees Trust
- 2-day average reduction in length of stay (1-day median)
- Cost saving of £273 per patient
- 3% post-op complication rate (requiring pharmacological intervention)
- 86% perioperative programme completion rate
- Average increase of 10 points in patient activation measure (PAM)

Cheshire and Merseyside ICS
- 2.5-days average reduction in length of stay
- 43% reduction in post op complications (7.4% vs 13% control group)
- 0% Hospital Acquired Pneumonia (HAP) (vs 5% control group)

NHS Sherwood Forest Trust
- Average increase of 7 points in PAM
- 81% of patients had a higher PAM on Exit compared to Entry
- Improvement in self-rated physical fitness (+5%) and sleep quality (+10%)

Additional projects live with;
Black Country and West Birmingham ICS
NE London ICS
NHS Portsmouth Hospital

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