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Recognise Early Soft-signs, Take Observations, Respond.

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Recognise  when a resident may be deteriorating or at risk of physical deterioration.

Act appropriately according to the resident’s care plan to protect and manage the resident.

Obtain a complete set of physical observations to inform escalation and conversations with health professionals.

Speak with the most appropriate health professional in a timely way to get the right support.

Provide a concise escalation history to health professionals to support their professional decision-making.

Detailed Programme Information

RESTORE2: Recognise Early Soft-signs, Take Observations, Respond 

The British Geriatric Society and Care Quality Commission recommend using RESTORE2 to take vital signs measurements and recognise deterioration in residents. 

South West AHSN is supporting training for care home staff in the use of RESTORE2 and RESTORE2 mini. 

RESTORE2 mini is a ‘soft signs’ only version of the tool for use in settings where it is not possible to make clinical observations.  

RESTORE2 was originally developed and co-produced by the NHS West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group and is now part of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System and Wessex Academic Health Science Network. For free training resources for care home and domiciliary care workers in using RESTORE2 and recognising deterioration please visit the Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG here

  • 1,440 care home staff across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset have been trained in RESTORE2.
  • Established online programme for accessible and available 24/7 RESTORE2mini training.

For more information, please contact the South West Patient Safety Collaborative.

RESTORE2 Interactive Toolkit

The South West AHSN has developed an interactive toolkit to support the roll-out of RESTORE2 and RESTORE2mini, training in the South West. It features in-depth guidance, templates, and resources, and an interactive display version is available.

RESTORE2mini Online Training

RESTORE2mini online training, developed with Blue Stream Academy and the Somerset LARCH team enables nursing and care professionals to gain new deterioration management skills and improved knowledge and understanding of the people for whom they care. 

 This free training resource is for all carers, accessible 24/7 online, to help provide better care across health and care environments.

RESTORE2 Training Teams across the South West

Torbay and South Devon 

RESTORE2 and RESTORE2Mini training in this region of Devon is being delivered by Torbay and South Devon Trust. To find out more information please contact Sarah Couth, Education Centre Co-ordinator at

West Devon  

Currently, RESTORE2 training is being delivered to learning disabilities settings in this region by LiveWell South West. To find out more please contact Jamie-Lee Cosgree, Primary Care Liaison Nurse at 

East and mid-Devon  

Currently, RESTORE2 training is being delivered by the Eastern Care Services team – for more information please contact Kathy Gray 

Rest of Devon 

For RESTORE2 training in the rest of Devon please contact the Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) at 


To register an interest in RESTORE2 training please contact Jude Glide at Judith.Glide@YDH.NHS.UK 


RESTORE2 training is being delivered by Truro and Penwith College. To register an interest in training, please email Amanda Thompson, Curriculum designer, and lecturer at 

Primary Care  

We are working closely with PCNs and their supporting organisations across the South West to support the provision of  RESTORE training and awareness-raising of resources to primary care, to increase the impact of this work.

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