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Mental Health

Aiming to improve safety and outcomes of mental health care.

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Reducing the incidence of restrictive practice in inpatient mental health, learning disability and autism services by 25% by April 2023.

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Aiming to improve safety and outcomes of mental health care  

The Mental Health Safety Improvement Programme (MHSIP) seeks to reduce unwarranted variation and provide a high-quality healthcare experience for mental health inpatients by March 2023. 

Adverse incidents can have a directly harmful impact on patients, and longer-lasting consequences, preventing effective recovery. Additionally, staff welfare and morale can be negatively impacted by patient safety incidents.  

Working in partnership, the South West AHSN is creating the conditions for success by developing a safety and learning culture, building Quality Improvement capacity and co-production, and creating conditions for learning, innovation, and improvement. 

For more information please contact our Patient Safety team.

This programme builds on successful programmes coordinated by the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (NCCMH), which is hosted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The South West AHSN is working in partnership with the South of England Mental Health Quality and Patient Safety Collaborative to create the conditions for success by: 

  • Supporting our NHS Mental Health, Autism and Learning Disabilities member organisations to develop a safety and learning culture. 
  • Building Quality Improvement (QI) capability in members, supporting them from being QI learners to leaders of QI. 
  • Championing and supporting co-production in QI work in member organisations. 
  • Creating a network that uses measurement for improvement and learning, applying the Model for Improvement to develop, test and spread new or existing, local and national innovation. 
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