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Health Equity

Tackling health equity to improve population health in the South West.

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Improving population health across the region

Spreading innovative practice that helps close health equity gaps

Focus on Perinatal, Children & Young People’s Mental Health, and Cardiovascular Disease 

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We believe tackling health equity is crucial for improving population health in the South West.

Working with our members and partners, we share the challenge of improving population health in a region with:

  • Complex patterns of health inequality: we have some of the most and least healthy places to live in the country.
  • A dispersed population: we live and work over a large geographical area, with a mix of rural and urban settings and relatively underinvested transport infrastructure.
  • An older, ageing population: creating challenges in delivering equitable care across the whole population.
Our health equity programmes

Our health equity programmes focus on identifying and spreading innovative practice that helps close health equity gaps in access to care, quality of care, opportunity for a healthy life and agency in managing individual health.

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Improving equity of health and wellbeing outcomes for families during pregnancy, and babies up to one year old.

Children & Young People’s Mental Health

Improving mental health provision equity for young people.

Innovation for Healthcare Inequailites Programme (InHIP)

NHS England’s Innovation for Healthcare Inequalities Programme (InHIP) aims to address local healthcare inequalities experienced by deprived and other under-served populations.

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