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Primary Care Resilience

From practice to Primary Care Network or wider-system level, we offer a range of bespoke support services designed to help your team to understand its unique circumstances and needs.

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Create capacity and capability to maximise your team’s impact

Plan how to get the most from integrated and collaborative working

Understand your population data to help inform workflow, workforce, and practice and Primary Care Network (PCN) development

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Are you a primary care leader looking to maximise the impact of your practice and PCN?

At the South West AHSN we recognise that these are tough times. We are focused on supporting those leading and working in primary care, creating the right conditions for you to effectively support your teams and ensure the continuity of care your patients need.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the value of innovative practice and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in partnership working. With the transition of health and care to Integrated Care Systems, we are supporting PCNs to widen their participation across local partners, to improve population health and equity in the delivery of primary care. 

What we offer

Organisational development – We can help you to develop a shared vision, and purposeful ways of working and workforce deployment   

Team development – We can help you to improve staff recruitment, retention and collective working to achieve a more sustainable general practice 

Individual leadership development – We can support your leaders and managers to become change agents in their practice and PCN  

Rapid improvement – We can facilitate bespoke quality improvement and large-scale change techniques to help you develop a team or network   

Population health analysis – We can use your practice data to provide insights into your patients, pathways and processes, supporting you with change management processes to adjust or reform the way you work  

Improved patient access – We can bring our data visualisation expertise to identify key cohorts and ways of working to improve your access provision, in line with new PCN service requirements  

Pathway change – We can support your team to make improvements to clinical pathways, introduce innovations, or build links with partners to strengthen your pathways.

For more information please contact the South West AHSN team.

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