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Quality Improvement Partner Panels

QuIPPs is a public involvement initiative designed to improve the quality of health and care services.

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Programme Overview

A resource for quality improvement projects and innovators.

Ensuring the voice of the public is involved. 

Health teams and innovators receive timely, effective, and meaningful public engagement.

Detailed Programme Information

Quality Improvement Partner Panels (QuIPPs) have been developed by the South West AHSN to support the work of health and social care organisations and innovators by ensuring the voice of the public is involved in improvement projects and the development of innovation. 

The aim of QuIPPs is to provide support, advice, and suggestions to quality improvement project teams or innovators in health and social care. These may be small improvements on wards, or in general practice and community settings, or on strategic planning for system-wide implementation.

Over 30 members of the public form four different panels covering the South West of England.   

QuIPPs is part of the Health Foundation’s Q Exchange programme. The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK.

If you would like to find out more or present to a panel, please get in touch with QUIPPS@swahsn.com or 01392 247903.

How to use QuIPPs as a resource for an improvement project or innovation

If you work in a health or social care team and are planning or running a quality improvement project, or you are an innovator working on a new product, service change, or general improvement, you need to consider how you involve the public and patients.

QuIPPs is a resource that the South West AHSN offers free of charge and can help you receive timely, effective, and meaningful public engagement.

Becoming a QuIPPs member

Anybody can apply to be a member, and those who are successful in completing the training programme will become a QuIPPs member. 

We are committed to making reasonable and practical arrangements so that everyone can effectively participate in the QuIPPs programme. 

Recruitment is currently closed. We will update this page when we are able to recruit more members of the public to the programme.

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