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Spread Academy

Our Spread Academy equips teams and leaders in health and care with the skills and confidence they need to unleash large-scale change.

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Learn a practical framework for designing and leading large-scale change.

Strategic planning and personal development. 

Benefit from follow-up face-to-face or online mentoring.


Detailed Programme Information

The Spread Academy is an immersive training programme run by the South West AHSN in collaboration with the renowned US-based social change agencyBillions Institute, global leaders in large-scale change

Participants learn a practical framework for designing and leading large-scale change that the Billions Institute calls the Model for Unleashing.  

Through a series of experiential exercises, you and your team will be supported in applying the Model for Unleashing to your work. This will include establishing your approach to spread through a range of highly interactive and reflective themes, including: 

  • Setting clear and compelling aims to match your ambitions for change 
  • Planning for spread and developing 90-day work plans 
  • Expanding your methods and tools to enable change 
  • Using data in a way that propels spread 
  • Understanding and managing the barriers to spread 
  • Working positively in teams and openly with other people 
Strategic planning and personal development

This programme is for enthusiastic people with a project ready to spread. To help you practically do this, the Spread Academy uses interactive presentations and collaborative group work. Delegates learn techniques for spreading and scaling change and begin the personal transformation they need to see it through, leaving with a viable plan of next steps to measure along their journey.

Following the training, participants benefit from face-to-face or online mentoring with Spread Academy Fellows, and monthly online group coaching from Spread Academy course leader Becky Margiotta.

Since launching in 2019, we have held four Spread Academy events focussing on areas such as personalised care, health inequalities, and technical innovations to solve problems in community health and care settings.

Quotes from Spread Academy participants
  • “We all learned so much about each other and the way we work, accepting, adapting, and growing together through every task.” 
  • “I have recognised that I can’t always fix problems for people.” 
  • “The team feels more psychologically safe to share and challenge each other since attending.” 

For more information about Spread Academy please contact Kim Morrissey.

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