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Information about our declaration on funding.

While our overarching funding comes from NHS England and the Government’s Office for Life Sciences, for some programmes of work, where appropriate, we develop joint working agreements with commercial organisations.

In some instances this includes additional funding which enables the AHSNs and NHS to reach more patients, while ensuring the health and care system benefit from the very best innovations in health and care.

Known as a ‘transfer of value’ this could be a direct payment from industry to a regional AHSN towards an AHSN project or programme, or a secondment of staff from industry to support AHSN projects.

The following describes the funding received from non-NHS organisations to support programmes of work that aim to improve the health and care system in the South West

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Company involved


Monetary Value

Reason for benefit

Novartis and South West AHSN



National agreement between NHS England, Novartis and AHSNs to support delivery of the Lipid Management Programme of work including Inclisiran element 

Bayer PLC and South West AHSN



To develop atrial fibrillation best practice, including AliveCor device element

MEGS (Medical Educational Goods and Services Grants) was sponsored by Pfizer and Pfizer BMS Alliance, Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd, and Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd) and South West AHSN



To develop atrial fibrillation best practice


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